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[raumzeitmaschine] Gasometer (en)

operation 2010-06-19


In Summer 2010, the [raumzeitmaschine] under the command of khmfn - that is, sound artist Frank Niehusmann and video performer Karl-Heinz Mauermann - took off within Extraschicht for an eight hour documentary flight at Gasometer Oberhausen, Europe's highest exhibition hall. An audience of more than 30.000 stood witness: all theorems pertaining to space, time, and dimensions beyond human imagination could be proved.

Documentation of first performance [raumzeitmaschine]
Homepage von Frank Niehusmann


The Oberhausen Gasometer is an idustrial memorial and, since 1994, with its height of 117 m, Europe's highest exhibition hall. Built in the late1920s, the pressure disc gasholder is an impressive memorial of the heavy industries that for more than a century were the hallmark of the Ruhr.

Whoever enters the Gasometer, however, will not only get an impression of excellent engneering. Appreciation of the technical achievements of industrialisation mingles with the fascination of the unique experience of space within this giant „Cathedral of Industry“.  Today, the Gasometer provides a unique frame for divers kinds of cultural events. Here, exhibitions, theatre or music can be newly discovered and experienced through all the senses.  As an event site, it has inspired artists of international reputation. (Info: www.gasometer.de)

In 2010, the exhibition 'Sternstunden' was staged here. Above the performance by khmfn, the largest moon on earth hung suspended.