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[raumzeitmaschine] start (en)

khmfn: [raumzeitmaschine] - electronic music and live video projections

The first performance of [raumzeitmaschine] took place in “Europe's biggest Film Palace”,
the Lichtburg in Essen, as the finishing performance of Kulturpfadfest 2008.

Lichtburg, Essen, Freitag, 20.06.2008, 23.00 Uhr


"khmfn are Karl-Heinz Mauermann and Frank Niehusmann. The artists’ duo at last back to a homeplay in the Ruhr! After numerous international performances, the two media activists, with [raumzeitmaschine], once more present an electronic-symphonic large-scale work - of course with their very own humour, low-tech understatement and high-end equipment. The great cinema hall of Essen's Lichtburg with its exquisite sound equipment was the ideal first performance site. Here, there were no limits to the light-intense live video projections and massive subwoofer sound."
Fotos: Lichtburg, Holger Krüssmann, Erwin Wiemer

Documentation of first performance [raumzeitmaschine]
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