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TOR/ROT (en)

'Der Dampfer fährt am Botanischen Garten vorbei'

'The Steamboat passes the Botanic Gardens' (Paul Klee)

Under this title, the Museum Folkwang, in co-operation with the company K-plus quality garage, exhibited garage gates designed by artists.

* January 2002, trade fair 'deubau', Essen

* February 2002, trade fair 'bautec', Berlin

Karl-Heinz Mauermann and Matthias Schamp showed corresponding works.

Karl-Heinz Mauermann: ROT
Karl-Heinz Mauermann: TOR
Matthias Schamp: for my country II, sound installation, garage gate, bracing straps, CD player with loop: "Kicking against the gate"

Matthias Schamp: for my country I, garage doors with two polaroids, one of them bearing the following text:
On Monday, 7 January 2002, Matthias Schamp approached a garage gate, clutched a raw egg, held it against his ear and proceeded to hold both against the gate. Balancing the egg, through gentle pressure, between gate and ear, he remained thus poised for some five minutes. Asked for his reasons for doing this, he replied: "I did it for my country."