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Leder- und Gummistricke (en)


 isn't it like that, whoever is safely bonded will neither fly to heaven nor drop into hell



From the beginning of the 1980s,  Karl-Heinz Mauermann has been producing little brochures. These have titles like 'Die Erblindung der Gärtner - ein Entwicklungsroman in Bildern', or 'Tattoo - eine wundertätige Geschichte in Bildern', or 'Die Helferin des Chirurgen - Teil 1 Anamnese, Teil 2 Therapie, Teil 3 Rekonvaleszenz'. In each of these brochures a therapy is introduced, an exemplary tale told. It is the aim of the complete collection of these brochures, those already in existence and those that yet to be created, to achieve a comprehensive explanation of the world. An encyclopaedic project that will never be completed. The format of each is DIN A 5, the volume 32 pages. The first of these brochures are still fabricated with scissors, glue and Xerox machine, from the 1990s these are replaced by scanner and macintosh. Other media formats of the brochures are experimented with.

In ’Leder- und Gummistricke’ Mauermann investigates the question of how to avoid dying.