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ants videostills

In 2004, a colony of ants is bred from Summer till Autumn. The insects feature in video sequences, which subsequently are used in various video performances, as well as in a series of video stills. These are shown in the jury-selected exhibition Essen buys Art at the Museum Folkwang.


This is the beginning of working with ants. In subsequent years, different colonies of indigenous species of ants are used again and again in video and photo projects. Within FolkwangLab Die Berechnung einer Kurve mit Hilfe der Beinmuskulatur, a dance project at Folkwang University of Arts, live video recordings of a formicarium projected onto large screens appear as the closing image of the performance. Afterwards, members of the audience crowd for a view of the colony.


Formicariums at the studio, July 2014