Sprache / language

wintergarten: vogelfrei (en)

winter garden: free as a bird


27.10.2007, Darmstadt





A square dotted with trees in a residential area of Darmstadt bordered by six streets, all bearing the names of composers: the Composers' Quarter. The front of a one-storeyed family home. A November evening. On the front, a projection. A series of video sequences is mixed live; they correspond with sound collages, the site here on this square and the current weather. The result is an optoacoustic live concert.
The general subject of the video sequences, albeit frequently counterplotted: birds. People looking up to the sky in alarm. Shadows.

Real pictures in real time, recorded with a camera in the course of the performance, are part of the projection - the audience recognise themselves in the projections and thus get involved in interaction.

All this: the opening performance of vogelfrei 7 / wintergarten (free as a bird 7 / winter garden), a fortnight of exhibitions, actions, lectures, curated and organised at Darmstadt, for the seventh time already, by Ute Ritschel. 46 artists from 8 countries play in 28 private gardens.