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beam us up, mauermann (en)

Mauermann followed the invitation by duo BICINUM GENERALIS.
He beamed the musicians Christoph Giselher Kammer and Markus Emanuel Zaja
during a convert at Kunsthaus Essen, Monday, 8.3.2010.

one observer writes:

last Monday, like some HYPERSPACEQUAKE, there happened the fusion of the most various kinds of art - a panopticum in the literal sense of the word!

electronics that, some twenty years ago, were quite arcane throughout the world and came in the dimension of a house, now are comprised in a small laptop-controlled configuration of picture-processing gadgets -besides acoustic instruments, partially played the classical way, partially distorted by means of electronic effects, not a few of which will not even be invented in the near future.

all this could be seen ! all this could be heard ! all true !

directly in cubist perspectives beamed on the wall: extreme sensorical messages rushing through the universe.

mauermann had beamed bicinum generalis !