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mobile relay station | type 001 (measuring points)

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The mobile relay station | type 001, as well as other relay stations, is part of the project [raumzeitmaschine]. The purpose of the relay staions is the collection of space-time-co-ordinates and the visualisation of conditions of the world. By these means a data bank is being established, whose ultimate purpose is the navigation of the [raumzeitmaschine]. The larger the volume of space-time-co-ordinates available in the data bank, the greater the precision in navigating the [raumzeitmaschine].

Since 2010, Karl-Heinz Mauermann has been on the way, both with mobile relay station | type 001 and other measuring stations, with the purpose of enlarging the data bank 






Taku Fun Fair

Cologne street festival organised by artists Katja Struif, 15.9.2013








Atelierhaus Speicher II, Münster, 6.5. - 8.5.2011








In 2010, in connection with the project car boot art, Karl-Heinz Mauermann travels in the Netherlands.




Creatieve Fabriek, Hengelo, 28.8.2010


Provinciehuis Zwolle, 14.9.2010


Town festival, Delden, 19.9.2010


Skulpture park Anningahof, 9.10.2010


Akkuh Hengelo, 6.11.2010